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You will notice that when you shop you have to choose a charity to donate to before you can checkout. That's because 10% of each item you purchase automatically goes to one of the three charities we support. This amount is earmarked and twice a year we tally up the amounts and send out checks to the respective charities. 

Each charity has been selected for the amazing work they do but also because their donations go directly to helping the causes they support rather than administrative costs.

To find out more about each charity check out the information below:


The International Committee of the Red Cross works worldwide in areas where there is armed conflict and their scope of activities covers everything from addressing sexual violence, building respect for the law, aiding migrants, healthcare in and out of danger zones, reconnecting families, clean water and habitat and the list continues. For more information about the full scope of what the ICRC does click here.

On top of all of the work that they do in the international realm, 93,5% of all their donations go directly to the actions that they take on. Leaving only 6.5% of donations for administration costs. For information about what your donation does click here.


The Global Rights for Women Organization is an international leader in ending violence against women and girls. They have worked in many countries across the globe to draft laws, train legal teams and monitor the implementation of laws regarding violence against women and girls. Working with everyone from governments to local citizens to help end the epidemic of violence against women this organization works hard to end this crisis worldwide. For more information about the work that the GRW does please click here.

At the end of the day over 70% of all funds raised go directly to fighting for the rights of women and changing the laws regarding their safety. This leaving a minimal $96,000 for salaries and general administration costs. For more information about how your donation is put to work click here.


The Invisible Girl Project is an organization that works to end the gendercide of girls in India through rescue, justice, awareness and empowerment of local and national communities. IGP's primary focus is on saving young girls and enfants from human trafficking, justice for those girls who have already died because of this horrible epidemic. For more information on the work that the Invisible Girl Project does click here.

With roughly 65% of their total revenue going to programs and development, this organization is working with administration and salaries costs of less than $70,000 per year. For more information on where your money goes please click here.


Atelier Kate is a brand that is working on making our world a better place and in that vein we are working in our own community to help those in need. 100% of your donations are going to buy backpacks filled with supplies for children, food for those less fortunate, clean birthing kits for women who don't have access to hospitals, providing blankets and clothing for those in harsh weather conditions and much more. These small acts make a big difference in our community. We enjoy taking the time to deliver goods to smiling faces and meeting with people filled with so much love despite there harsh living conditions. 

For more information about our efforts and our adventures please check out our blog starting in February 2018 to see where your donations are going.

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