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Our Partners


Lebenskleidung, is a Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified Textile Agency from Berlin, Germany.

They specialize in environmentally sound and fairly produced organic cotton and silk fabrics. Lebenskleidung products are manufactured according to strict environmental and social criteria. A socially-friendly processing, fair trade and fair prices for our producers are our top priorities. 

All of Lebenskleidung’s products come from selected GOTS-certified projects in India and Turkey, which we visit regularly and know very well. This allows us to guarantee our customers the highest possible transparency of the social and environmental production conditions on the ground. 


Bodio guarantees his annual access to super-premium raw material by paying herders above-market rates and contributing to their prosperity in non-financial ways. “This business is about more than money. We’re not a charity, but we look after our relationships exceedingly well. I believe we are setting a new standard for responsible business practices in Mongolia.”

The company is knitted yak, camel and cashmere sweaters, hats, outerwear, trousers, blankets and over 100 other types of items made entirely in Mongolia from 100% natural un-dyed animal hair.

Bodio has used their business and completely changed the standard of living in Mongolia. They care for their people, their animals and have the utmost respect for everyone they work with. After meeting with the amazing company KATE had no choice but to partner with them and all the good they’re doing for their community. They make sure everyone of their employees has a hot meal and health care. They helped herders rebuild after a huge economic crisis and they have improved the conditions for their animals as well.



Convinced of the need for ecological fashion, Chandra Prakash Jha launched COCCCON in 2012. Based on the 3 Cs, CREATIVITY CAN CARE, COCCCON is dedicated to creating ethical, organic and sustainable textiles. Chandra Prakash Jha wants his work reflects on his own roots, which lie in the poor and economically undeveloped state of Jharkhand, where most people live in extreme poverty.

The collaboration of local women's groups is important to the project, so after being trained in their work, women can attain a degree of financial independence, as well as build more self-confidence, in an environment which is otherwise to be regarded as rather oppressive and penalizing.

Silk cocoons grown in a biological way, meaning it is entirely free of pesticides is the other aspect of Prakash's project. The application goes beyond that, because it’s cruelty free. Peace silk means allowing the silk worms to hatch from the cocoons before the cocoons are boiled, so the worms can live and beautiful silk is produced 100% cruelty free. 


Siebenblau offers a large assortment of eco-friendly and socially produced fabrics. Siebenblau’s belief is  that organic and fairtrade fabrics are better in multiple dimensions:

better for the producers, better for the environment, and better for our health

Transparency and traceability are very important so Siebenblau only sells fabric that is certified by independent certification agencies.

Our fabrics are made of organic and fairtrade cotton, organic linen, hemp and organic wool. Furthermore an environmentally friendly and socially just processing of the fabrics is equally important to us. That's why most of our fabrics are also certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) which guarantees that the fabric is produced eco-friendly and fair along the whole supply chain. Fabric created with animal bi-products is Certified Organic Animal Husbandry with follows the international regulations for organic farming. Animal welfare in harmony with nature is mandatory and the feeding of genetically engineered plants is forbidden. These regulations are upheld and approved by independent inspectors, however a standard seal of approval does not yet exist.  






Knopf Budke

In 1986 Franz Budke founded the company Button Budke with the vision to offer a quality range of buttons of "real" materials and exclusive design in an environment full of plastic buttons.

From these beginnings an international company has grown, working at 80% as a supplier for the garment industry. Button Budke is manufacturer independent design and highly specialized suppliers in "around the world". We produce where the best quality raw material and where the best knob expertise is.

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