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Roxy forces this eco-friendly rhubarb leather jacket to play by her rules with her front and back curved hem line. Made in France, she’ll make you want to smoke a cigarette for breakfast but please don’t those aren’t good for the environment or you! 

Sustainable Rhubarb Leather Jacket - Roxy

SKU : K1732
550,00 € Prix original
30,00 €Prix promotionnel
Color: Black
  • The leather is sourced in Germany from a manufacturer that is certified in animal husbandry, meaning; cows aren't tortured, all their materials are used and they live out in the open air and are free to graze. It is dyed in Germany as well using a Rhubarb tanning technique in place of harsh tanning chemicals. 

    The jacket is then Made in France by a local manufacturer in the Ile-de-France about 20 km away from the KATE headquarters to ensure quality and to reduce the carbon footprint.